Day 105: Endless Sea


When was the last time you enjoy walking on the seaside? For me, it was long time ago (read: August 2013). The city where I live now, we don’t have any nearby beach – therefore we can’t suddenly drive by to the beach.

Not everyone is a fan of the sea. Some people are terrified with the endless sea in front of them. I knew one person who was terrified when he stood at the beach and saw the invisible line of the edge. He felt incompetent and “gigantically” small.

And I think that’s a good way of thinking. For we are none compares to the universe. By bearing that in mind, it will help us to remember that we need to stay humble. Toward others and foremost, toward God.

If we are that small, does it mean that we can do nothing? Definitely No. Every little thing that we do toward others, will have consequences. Imagine if every tiny molecule in the sea decides to walk away because they feel inferior, then there’s no such thing as the blue water.

Sometimes, I doubt myself. Will I be able to reach higher? Will I be able to go further? Will I be able to love deeper? I won’t know the exact answers for now, but I’m doing my best to use the best seeds inside of me and plant it. I’m praying that God will help me to harvest all the good fruits.

Have a good day!

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