Day 110: Easter Sunday


Happy Easter!
Everywhere we go today – or the past few days – we could see Easter eggs or Easter Bunny. Everything is symbolized. One side, it is good because it helps people to understand easier. Egg is a symbol of new life, rebirth, reborn. For us Christian, egg is the symbol of our new life – free from sin and we are no longer under the feet of Satan.

In Catholic Church, we have Easter candle that we light last night during Holy Saturday mass. It is a symbol of Christ as the light of the world. Unfortunately, most people would throw away their Easter candle because it meant nothing for them. Last night, I could see the ‘used’ candles everywhere.

I am grateful because during my Bible class, one speaker explained to us on Easter candle. After mass, we bring our candle as the symbol of having the Light of our life with us. And we will light our Easter candle again on our Patron’s day. We pray through our Patron to Jesus.

I hope Easter is not merely about the symbols – eggs and Bunny. But it is really a sign of salvation provides by our salvation, Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed Easter Sunday!

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