Day 111: A Lousy Reader


I love to read. And I also love to write. But I’m a lousy one – of both world. If you look at the first 3 shelves of my bookshelf – it seems as if I read that much. To be honest, I have certain stacks of unread books (and I prefer to keep it private ). And I know, that is not a good habit. No one should write, if one never reads.


One of the book that I haven’t read is “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by the late Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He passed away last week at 87. This book is a gift from my best cousin – after a dear friend suggested me to read this book. I had – up until page 134 and I quit. I own this book for almost 9 years (dated back to Nov 2005) and it has reinforced my status as a lousy reader.

I will start read this book – and I shall finish this time. Rest in peace, Mr Marquez.

“I cannot imagine how anyone could even think of writing a novel without having at least a vague of idea of the 10,000 years of literature that have gone before”
(Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

Have a good day!

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