Day 112: Feed Your Inner Child


Everyone has their inner child – no matter how old one is. Some may end up playing games that is beyond his age or profession. Some are signing up as a member of certain club – to enlivened their childhood days. And for some, they take their inner child seriously – by feeding it into reality.

One of my friend baked vanilla-chocolate cookies when she’s feeling down – because she can enlivened her childhood memory of how fun baking time could be. She said that during the moment of baking, she was being herself again!

Another friend said that he spend his days by playing game console. He is a rich man, not due to family possession, but because he keeps on learning and turning his knowledge into money. During his free time, he would play with his console or assemble some robots toys.

For me, I feed my inner child by having a long nap, having chocolate or by being clingy to my loved ones. Sometimes, I really need it. And I believe that’s normal, especially because childhood is the moment of exploration – to find happiness thru the simplest thing.

Be happy, be loud like children!
Have a good day!

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