Day 113: Note for Nana


I’m the only daughter in my family. And by saying so, you know how much my Dad would spoil me. But, Dad also has another ‘love’ beside me. Her name is Nana. My closest cousin – friend with benefit for sure. We borrow each other’s clothes, listen to each other’s CD and peeling each other’s love story! That’s what girls do.

If you think that we get along since young, you’re wrong. We fought a lot as kids, mostly I was the mean girl. Oh well, being the older girl – I set my territory and didn’t let her pass it for whatever reasons that she had. I feel bad – sometimes – when I remember of how cruel I was to her. I know she would always forgive me.

This note is dedicated to her as her wedding day is approaching fast. Next month, she will end her single days and welcoming her new life with her fiance. Even though many obstacles come and go these past few months – believe that God will provide. Even though Ellice is finally will not come and be your flower girl – God has something in store for you. Something bigger and more beautiful than what we can imagine.

PS: as my love for you, I will invite either John Mayer or Jack Johnson for you. You’re still my Lady J (John Legend, JJ Lin, Jay Chow, Jamie Cullum).

Have a good day!

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