Day 114: Different Kind of Perfection


Earlier today I had a chat with my cousin. She is at the final stage of her wedding preparation. And after being in the same shoes last year, I know exactly how stressful wedding preparation could be. Every little change or distraction may brings eruption of emotional outbursts. In her case, she just found out that her niece won’t be able to come and be her flower girl. Sudden news that she has to hear last weekend.

I believe that all of us ever experience the same situation. We have tried our best – but there’s something out of our hands. We strive for perfection – but a small nail may rip our tire for the rest of the journey. What to do then?

I guess we can change our perception by having a different kind of perfection. This line came from my cousin. The most important thing is how we can carry on, embrace the imperfection as part of our journey and be grateful for the scars and tears along the way. Because without those imperfections – we will never be perfect.

Have a good day!

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