Day 116: Learning Process


Today I was asked to be a judge for Psychology Fair 2014 on “Intervention Design Competition”. When I read through their papers last night, I couldn’t help myself but feeling happy for those students. They have such a great opportunity to learn more in the field during their undergraduate days. Unlike my experience back then.

When I did my first year of undergraduate, it was different. We had limited sources and accessing journals was not as easy as today. We had to go to other libraries or borrow from our seniors. But then that experience shaped me to be who I am today. Being in a hard situation to study, I can appreciate every learning process that I have now. That experience also shaped me to be intrinsically motivated to go further. Some students that I teach nowadays are too-instant-minded and appreciate less on the so-called process.

But salute to all the participants today. They still value that process of learning and doing their best in such a short time. Well done!

Have a good day!

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