Day 119: When I Feel Loved


I’m a proud aunty – who’s constantly dying to meet both my niece and nephew. If only I can see them everyday!

I was very close to my niece. She was my one and only angel. And after 6 years, we welcome her brother. The happy and curious young man you see on the photo above. I thought – considering a boy – he won’t be so close to me. But then, I was wrong. He is close to me as well! And every time I go home to my parent’s, he is there to welcome me. We walked barefoot at the garden, chasing the frogs, and playing with our shadows.

I feel loved! Genuinely and unconditionally. Just like what I had – and still have – with my niece. She gave me a phone call earlier this evening. She said that she just wanted to say hi to me. Again, I feel loved!

The world around you may show hatred, anger and unwillingness to understand you. But keep on going and look for those (few) people who love you dearly. Once you found them, remember to keep that forever in your heart and mind. Bring them to your daily prayers. And let their love shines through you.

Miss you, double E!

Have a good day!

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