Day 120: Half Way is Not Complete


I drove by this unfinished site on my way home everyday. It has been years since this building was built halfway. And today, as I was stuck in the traffic, I imagined of how would it be for us – if we do everything halfway.

Planning up and executing it halfway is only halfway. It is not yet finished and we can’t really see it as a finished plan. Most of the time we get excited when we are about to start our plan and get even more excited when it is halfway. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the excitement. But it gets wrong if the excitement goes beyond the work. We may stuck halfway.

Whatever plan that you have at the moment, have a look at it. If it has been delayed for years, it is time to restarting over. And finish it well this time. It is a reminder for me too 

Have a good day!

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