Day 121: Peeking Inside Our Cup of Thoughts


Everyday we think – from choosing menu at a restaurant, what dress to wear, up to the process of understanding our own thought. Today, I was lucky to be able to attend a seminar on thinking process called “Thinking as Conscious, Directed Mental Health” by Dr. Andrelita M.S Cenzon – an Associate Professor from the University of Asia and Pacific, Philippines.

With her deep knowledge and down-to-earth way of delivery, she blew me away. Not in a dramatic pace – but in a normal way of getting new insights. Her speech was the best that I’ve got so far this year (or even last). She talked on how to change our habits of being an ‘Unreflective’ thinker to a ‘Challenged’ thinker. In order to do so, we need to know the elements of thoughts and apply the standard of good thinking.

The elements of thoughts are: Purpose; Point of View; Assumption; Implications and Consequences; Date, Facts, Experiences; Inferences, Judgment, Conclusions; Concepts, Theory; and Answer Questions (deep understanding, solve problems). While the standards of good thinking are: clear, accurate, precise, significant, relevant, logical, wide, deep, fair and complete.

Easier to say than applying it, for sure. But why not put the effort to give it a go?

Have a good day!

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