Day 122: Suffering


Today I was blessed and lucky to meet two great women. First one was my colleague (she was my lecturer and will always be) when we teach a class together. She said that the latest phenomenon of how people deal with suffering is worrisome. A 5-year-old boy jumped off from the 19th floor of his parent’s apartment – because his parents didn’t allow him to watch a movie. A young man killed his girlfriend’s family because their relationship is not permitted. My colleague said that those people chose to vanish the obstacles – instead of face it or walk away from it. In the case of suicidal young boy, he even vanish himself. They all took the instant way of shooing their suffering.

After my class, I went to a seminar by Dr Cenzon (the one on my blog yesterday). Today she delivered a seminar of how one can achieve maturity and fulfillment through his suffering or sickness. It is the suffering that makes one think and reflect – not the pain or the sickness. Therefore, if one can think this way, it is a proof that one can go beyond the sickness.

I learned in a hard way that suffering brings out maturity from a person and the sense of fulfillment. But maturity in this sense is not an automatic system, it takes practice. And most of all, one needs to accept that fact that one is suffering – before the other process can occur.

Have a good day!

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