Day 123: After the Sun is Setting


While I was cooking for dinner, I saw the glimpse of the sunset. Out of my prediction, the silhouette was amazing. It was as if the sky was on fire!

Then I think to myself. We love – at least I do – to enjoy sunset. And usual afterpart, we go back in and go on with our own business. Have we ever think of what happen after the sun is setting?

I believe the sun will take his time to have a short nap, think and reflect of everything that happen under his watch. As absurd as it may sounds, it is actually what we need to do as well. After the setting of the sun, we also need to take time of reflecting and think through. What have I done today? What goodness have I done? Are there any seeds of goodness that I spread? Or is it all bad?

Have a good day! Take time to think and reflect in your daily life. It won’t make us an instant philosopher – but surely it will teaches us a lot on life, thinking process and relationships.

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