Day 124: Calling to All The Absentee


Photo courtesy of @etsayank. Taken at Jannain Beach, Hulaliu, Maluku.

I am easily tempted with such alluring view. The reason is mainly because I can be with my thoughts and some good books under the sun. Simply to say, it is worth the effort to go.

The same thing goes with God. He is so full of love and blessing. We shall be tempted to come closer to Him. At all time.

The homily today talked about how we – the absentee – chose to skip mass for our own good. We believe that God is so full of grace that He won’t be mad at us. I believe He won’t be mad, if the only reason is because we can’t go for Mass. But without Mass, we are the ones who are losing. We lose our intimate moment with Him. We lose the special blessings from Him alone. We lose the strengths that come from His own words. We lose.

Let’s end this day by loving God more than anything else. Because He has loved us more than anything else. Jesus died because of His love for us.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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