Day 125: Wrapping A Lie


This morning I spent 111 minutes to watch a wonderful movie ‘The Invisible Woman’. It is a story of Charles Dickens and his invisible woman named, Ellen Lawless Terman. For this young lady – 27 years younger – Dickens left his wife and children. At first, it was all rumours and lies – until Dickens wrapped a nice tie to it. He finally came forward with the affair by writing a formal statement in a newspaper – stating that he and his wife will live separately.

I was in awe with the plot. Well, it had nothing to fasten your heartbeat, but it was surely provoking my thought. Forget of all the theories of infidelity, affairs and the ideal marriage. My focus now is on the intention of wrapping the lies.

There’s no such thing as a white lie. Whatever color that you choose – it is a lie. No matter what the intention, it is still a lie. At first it seems fine and undisturbed. But slowly, your soul will look for redemption and it will yearn for the truth to be revealed. It will. Certainly.

The choice is in your hands – mine too. We can choose to wrap our lies with the nicest bow – or we can choose to come clean with both hands open. The hurt will be there in both options. But when we come clear, the hurt will heal. No bows will heal the hurts and the pain. Only the truth will.

“A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.”
(Charles Dickens)

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