Day 126: Thoughts Crossing Over Mocha


It’s been a while for me not to finish my work in a cafe. A long while. I used to do assignments and take-home exams with my classmates in different cafes.

So today, after I finished my class, I decided to tame different route home and stopped by at a cafe. With a glass of iced mocha and a croissant – I managed to translate one full chapter (out of 8). So far, I’ve been able to finish halfway. Not bad considering my inability to manage my time.

Yesterday I read an article to work smarter and not merely, harder. And it’s been stuck in my mind. I keep on recalling that article and determined to make one for myself too! Imagine the niceness of writing my novel in a cafe. Ah, a dream to fulfill – for a dreamer can’t be tamed (Paulo Coelho).

Have a good day!

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