Day 127: The Paradox of Freedom


Currently I’m reading a book called “I Choose to be Free” by Fr. Jack Philip. The first reason was because my good friends in Darmaria – a cultural centre belongs to Surabaya Diocese – gave this book to me.

After a few pages, I got caught. This book sends the message on freedom. But certainly not as what we have in mind. Freedom doesn’t mean that we are allowed to do whatever we want and forget about the consequences. Freedom turns out to be paradoxical.

I haven’t finished reading this book, but so far I can conclude some important points. The ultimate point is when one has stronger faith, hope and love – the freer one becomes. Why so? Because “true freedom lies inside us – in our intimate relationship with God.”

But breaking that ultimate point into small actions is needed. One of many is through the eyes of acceptance. When one can accept what we cannot be, then one is truly free. In this case, we won’t be bothered to dominate and pushing through. We will be able sit still and let the control be handed back to God.

Easier to say? For sure.
Have a good day!

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