Day 128: Bits of A Whole


We all want the big picture of every situation. We want to understand the closing scene of every problem – even before we begin walking down the path. Why is that? Because we fear of the unknown.

God has made us complete. We have all senses and the brain. We shall learn on how to sense the feelings and think the necessary thoughts – as long as we live. And therefore, He rarely spills the end of our situation. He wants us to live and experience it to the very end.

The most important point is how we can learn from every bit that we go through. It may seems easy at one point, but then we will need to climb the hill or dive into the dark water. We won’t be able to have all the process and menu at first step of experiencing the problems. We will need to take it one bit at a time. It is just like when you have an Italian buffet. We won’t bring everything altogether in one move (I assume) – because we want to enjoy one bite at a time. We want to taste the food wholeheartedly – not just a mere eating process.

If you’re in the middle of a problem – let’s pray for each other. Because we are all in the middle of a certain crisis.

Have a good day!

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