Day 130: Triumphant


As I drove to the hospital where I work (yes, mostly I’m working on Saturdays) I saw something special at the traffic light. Just after the red light was on, I saw a man tried to reach his water bottle. If you can see the picture above, I was talking about the man drove a motorcycle with wooden box on the back. At first, it was nothing special – until I saw his feet. Both of them were swollen so big they couldn’t fit the bottom of his pants.

I could only imagine the pain that this man has to bear everyday in his life. With his responsibility to work and support his family – I assumed, he is truly a triumphant. He already wins the battle with himself when he decided to keep on moving forward despite his suffering.

As St Jean Marie Vianney said:
Suffering in serenity is no longer suffering”

Have a good weekend!

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