Day 131: Hello Mom!


Happy Mother’s Day – to all mothers in the world, especially for my Mom and Grandma.

My Grandma (from Dad’s side) was the one in charge when me and my brothers were little. Both of my parents worked together and they ran a clothing shop. After school, we would be under my Grandma’s watch! She would instruct us to change our uniforms, have our lunch and take a nap. It would be the same for the next day and the day after. Well, of course, sometimes I would sneak out riding my bike – even though I knew that she would be waiting for me and be mad at me. But my Grandma was the one who would serve us with the best she could. She prepared the fruits for us, make sure that we ate good food and I used to lay my head on her tummy while watching Chinese drama together. She is 84 years old now and I wish her a happiness.

My Mom … She’s different!
She is very patient and a good cook. Her dedication to help my Dad run the shop when I was little taught me to be a cheeky child. I used to lie to her that I was sick – stomachache, dizzy, warm – so she wouldn’t leave the house. It worked though! Up until today, she would be my first place to talk to. I  frequently update her with everything and she always has the right response to throw on me. She’s my shoulder to cry on, cook book, warm hugger and my Mom for good.

I’m truly blessed to have those two great women in my life. Well, I had 3, but the dearest one is not with us any longer – rest in peace, Ngiama! I still love you.

Have a great day, Mothers!

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