Day 133: When Dad Called


I’ve been away a lot from home since I was 18. I did my bachelor degree outside my hometown – then I was off to Australia. I went back home for a while to work and off again to complete my Masters degree. Now, I am working and living in different town with my parents. For all of you who have been away from home – I bet you know how you miss the phone calls from our parents sometimes.

My Dad used to call me daily when I was younger. He would just ask of what I was doing, who I hang out with and all sort of silly questions. He would call me to Australia – especially when he missed me, but disguised it with ‘I had uneasy feeling – that’s why I call you’ reason.

But his phone call last night was different. He reminded me of who I am. He said that his daughter is a kind of strong woman who can support herself without any help from her big dad. He said that no one can bring me down for any reasons. He mentioned that his daughter is here today because she can makes her own way – therefore she shouldn’t let anyone stop her. I cried when he told me that. How I need that slap on my face lately. And he gave it to me last night.

I’m grateful for having my Dad beside me. Today, I started my day with full energy. I went to work with my favorite Batik cardigan, black dress and my high heels. I’ve been putting away my high heels for a while. But today, I claimed the better version of me back as mine. Because I deserve to be better each day – despite of what people say about me.

I can’t be grateful enough to have those special ones who always believe in me. I pray that God will bless you all in your life – and you know who you are.

With all my love,

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