Day 136: Adventurous Enough


Are you an adventurous person? If you can travel solo to new places – you might be. I grew up as a happy kid. I had a normal and gadget-free life – and I am grateful for that. I went cycling with my friends every afternoon, we played kites, cards, jumping rope (made from my Grandma’s rubber bands) or simply walk at the garden nearby my house. I believe those experiences shaped me to be who I am today.

I can enjoy myself a lot – which enable me to go by myself and watch movie at the cinema, travel abroad solo or driving by myself to quiet places – just to enjoy the view. Many people ask me on how I can do so. My answer is simple, because I want to find myself.

Through adventures, I can see myself from different angle. And I can learn to understand others from my angle too. Interesting process of learning. And my most favorite part of traveling abroad is finding their national library and spend my days there – or simply sitting at the park and enjoy my books. That’s my side of adventure – without being bitten by the crocodile for sure.

Enjoy your adventure!

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