Day 139: The Price of Surprise


I am still talking about my cousin’s wedding day. Before her wedding, I planned to give her a surprise. I meant to make a short video of her and our stories together. Out of my careless mind, I thought that I have a movie maker program in my laptop. Until Friday night, when I realized that I didn’t have one. My internet was down and I could not connect my smart phone to my laptop either for internet connection.

Then I tried to download a program in my phone. I did it! So the next step was downloading her photos and her fiance’s. Again, I did it! I managed to add the song and I finished at 1am. But when I checked later on Saturday, I lost the file! 

Around 6am, I tried to connect to the internet and was able to download movie maker program. I was so happy, but then, my laptop couldn’t install it for some technical problems. I tried twice and failed in both trials. Honestly, I was about to give up. But then, I stumbled into a movie maker program on my phone! Installed from the factory. I finally made the video, add the music, wrote the titles and able to play the whole video.

Ready and pack – I went to the airport with my husband. I wanted to show him the video and I couldn’t play it. The file was corrupted! I left my laptop and didn’t have anything in hand to fix it.

When I finally arrived in Jakarta, first thing I did was finding laptop from my cousin. I got one! So I tried to make another video with the available program in his laptop – because I couldn’t retrieve the corrupted file from my phone. None was working until I saw power point presentation program. I decided to redo everything with this new program. I did it and finished at 1am.

Then came yesterday – Sunday. I asked the wedding organizer if I could give a 3-minute video surprise for the bride and the groom. They agreed to help me. That evening, I gave them my flash disk and they rejected it because they didn’t have laptop available – only DVD player. Again, I was about to give up. But then my Aunt said that her son is about to come and able to bring his laptop. My hope was at high again! He came, we tried to open the file and … gone again. The virus failed me.

Out of desperation, I asked my husband to go back to the hotel and bring my cousin’s laptop – in which we made the presentation. We got the laptop to the venue (good thing that the two places were close) and tried it on. Again, the projector cable was not compatible. I was trembling and almost faint – literally. Thank God that the sound man asked for another projector cable. This time I have to hold the laptop because the cable was too short. And it worked!

At last, the MC announced that there was a surprise for both of them. When the video was played, I was speechless and trembling hard. It was the mix between happiness, excitement and nervousness.

I thanked God that He didn’t let me give up on my hope. I did that because I love my cousin and her wedding day was a super special day for me. I’m glad that my husband helped me along the way and the loved the video.

Good way to end my day!

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