Day 140: The Ugly Truth


My niece made those two snowmen a while ago. In her eyes, the two were perfect. She made it out of love and she believed that her handmade were truly beautiful.

From a child’s point of view – that belief is acceptable. We know that they learn from what they do.

But what if the adults do so? Believing in their mind that they are right, just and beautiful. What if they consider themselves as wise and know what’s right from wrong?

I believe we all love the truth. We won’t be happy with the burden of telling lies. But sometimes we are overwhelmed with the need to admit the truth. It is painful and need a lot of effort to do so. We know the truth will set us free, but we choose to stay in chain – because we are afraid to face the truth.

Which way that you choose? I remind myself to always tell the truth – no matter how hurt it is.

Have a good day!

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