Day 143: God Will Carry You Through


One best friend gave a book from Max Lucado to me. She already finished reading the book and she passed her blessing to me. I haven’t read this book, just flipping through some pages. But something caught my attention.


Lucado wrote that when we are struggling in life, “it won’t be painless, it won’t be quick, but God will carry you through”. How many times in life we wish for a quick way out, a fast forward process and an easy closing. We wish that we can just sleep over our problem and wake up freely. Sadly, our reality is not working that way.

When we pray, God listens to us. But He won’t make us as soft as marshmallows (inspired by St Josemaria Escriva) – but He will shape us all the way. Therefore, our painful process won’t end in a second – because our character won’t be shaped in that quick time.

I pray for all of you (and me) that we can lift up our hands to God and let Him process us, let Him work within us and let Him carry us through. Be blessed!

Have a good day!

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