Day 144: The Stories After 16 Years


Today I’ve spent 1.5 hours to be with my old friend. She came from Kalimantan last week and I haven’t had the chance to meet her. So yes, I’m grateful for the catch up with her.

We have been through our high school dramas – boys, love letters, hate crime (oops!), college years – boys again, failures and mistakes. I remembered that one night we talked on the phone up to 2am – because we were waiting for the rain of falling stars. We finally saw that one of a lifetime event!

Even though we went to different college, I would go back to my hometown every weekend and hang around with her. She would spend hours in my place and some sleepovers too. We supported each other, we cried together, we laugh like crazy and we loved F4 (famous Taiwanese boy band 15 years ago).

Up to the point when we have to comfort each other during our darkest days. She lost her son after years of battling his tumour and I lost my baby too due miscarriage. Even though we are separated physically, we never stray away from each other inside.

I love you, Cae!

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