Day 145: Decision vs Feeling


I had a chat with my good friend this morning about marriage and relationship. Most of the time people would picture marriage as the end of their love journey. Marriage is seen as the carriage to run to the castle with the prince. Therefore, a lot of people wish for the marriage to come early. They forget the so-called maturity and readiness.

I am grateful because my parents never pushed me to find a boyfriend or to get married soon. They want to see me excel and reach my dream – and marriage was one of my dreams. I feel sad whenever I hear or see parents who would be so panic and scream out loud to introduce available bachelor or bachelorette to their children – especially when their children already finished their college years. It is as if the alarm blast!

I’m still new in marriage. But I can say that marriage is a school of life. It is where two different people meet, handle their own problems from the past and deal with their relationship issue together. Is it easy? No. It sounds hard – and it is hard. It takes two to tango and fight together. Otherwise, it will fall.

Don’t rush yourself to be in a relationship – and marriage even more. It is a decision that you make. Not just a feeling that you embrace.

Have a good day!

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