Day 146: Definition of Yourself


If you have to define yourself, what will you write?

We are bound with the culture, our community norms and normality stream. Unconsciously we walk and behave in a way that already drawn by others. Women must be skinny and able to walk in high heels. Men must be rich and kindhearted. Children need to be obedient. Parents need to provide the expensive holiday for their children. Those are the ‘must’ norms defined by society.

But have you ever define yourself? Your own identity. I’m trying to define myself as much as I can. But I bumped into others who would constantly criticised me. Well, I’m trying to take those criticism positively (note: after I get healed from my heartache) – and keep on define myself.

I will keep on building my own identity. And let the light shines bright. Soon enough.

Have a good day!

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