Day 147: The Three Musketeers


Back to a few years ago, I stayed in Malang – my hometown – after I finished my study in Australia. During my study year, I made friends with a lot of people, including these two special women. Both of them came from the same hometown with me and somehow we built that special connection.

They were the ones who back me up when I had one of my hardest moment back on 2007. We went to stay at a villa and spent the night talking and watching DVD. We also had our weekly meeting every Friday morning. It was just a simple action of being together and praised God. We didn’t have a big group – it was just us.

At the moment we are living at different places. We met every now and then – and we didn’t really talk much through phone calls or chat. But we know deep down that we still have that connection. We are still the same three musketeers – who are not afraid to conquer the world and love God as our guidance.

Love you, girls! And may God be with us all in every weather. Thanks for being there for me through every tough and smooth road.

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