Day 148: Ignorant Generation


One of the most difficult traits to handle is ignorance. When one choose to ignore everything around him, he simply ignore all the chances to value his humanity. For the simplest example, tune in your radio or mp3 player to a classic song by Phil Collins, “Another Day in Paradise”.

Ignorance doesn’t have to take the form of avoiding charity, refuse to give for the poor or hiding from any fund raiser. Ignorance can transform itself into daily habits that we do everyday. Gadget over-used, despising others who talk to us, minimizing the meaning of others and never listen to what other people say to us – are the daily forms of ignorance that we do.

I met with a lot of people who are lonely even though they use their gadgets to stay connected all day long. I bumped into young children who couldn’t communicate well with other people – but wins all the games that he play online. Or parents who are busy updating their lifestyle and know nothing about their children development.

It is a sad situation – but we still have the choice to quit it. What will you do?

Have a good day!

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