Day 149: Baking Day


Whenever I come home to my parent’s, my niece would ask me to bake with her. I’m not a baker and I don’t really do baking – even though I love bakery. But thanks to the advanced of food ingredients which allowed us to bake easily with limited ingredients.

Today we made double choco cookies. The ingredients were chocolate jam, eggs, all-purpose flour and choco chips. I just pour out everything to the big bowl – while my niece did the rest. She measured the amount of flour, break the eggs and mix the dough by herself. The final part of baking was my responsibility – for safety reason.

My niece was so happy – and I couldn’t be less happy. She did most part by herself and she could be proud of her hardwork. Experiential learning is one way to educate children with what is real in their life. Making some err is normal and that’s part of their learning process.

Have a good day for you – meanwhile, it is time for me to enjoy my niece’s chocolate.

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