Day 151: Weekend at The Truest Sense


I’m grateful for today – because in a very long time I am able to enjoy weekend at the truest sense.

First of all, I was waken up by the scream of my nephew at the living room. He was running around and play with his ball at 530am. I prayed and thanked God for being able to wake up in the middle of my family and welcomed by that morning scream. After kissing my niece for a dozen time and saw her leave to school (we still go to school on Saturday in Indonesia) – I spent sometimes to read my book. I sat in a soft couch facing the garden and enjoyed the morning breeze.

Off to brunch with my good friend and end up having dessert in my old friend’s new cafe. He owned a place and sell fruit soup – sliced fruits with yoghurt or other blended fruits. It was a good stuff.
When I got home, my sister-in-law told me that my nephew was calling my name in his sleep. It was started when his mom asked him of who’s the one that he loves – and in his dream he mentioned me! What else to say? Even in his subconscious mind … I am there. Well, a little drama is needed here.

And last, but definitely not least, I bought a new phone. I have to say goodbye to my beautiful Nexus phone for some technical problems. The constant problem gives me trouble and since I’m not a technical-aware person, I need something else to serve my need well. So, let’s welcome Nokia Lumia 1020!

Isn’t it a good day that I have?
Hope you have a good weekend – in a truest sense!

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