Day 154: Impression VS Reality


Leaving certain impressions to others have been primary need lately. People put make up, branded goods or titles just to leave ‘good impression’ to others. While in reality, they might not even close to their impressive acts.

I went for a nice dinner with my Dad and Grandma. We wanted to bring Grandma to a nice steak house – because she loves steak so much. I used to dine there regularly, but I haven’t for a while. Bringing the impression of those good menus, we went there. After seeing the plates, we still believe in those impression. But when we tasted the food, reality hit hard!

The meat was hard to swallow – even after I ordered medium well for the meat. I had to switch menu with my Grandma because mine was more tender compared to hers. My Dad did not finish his pork as well.

I felt bad and apologized to my Dad for made him pay on such bad food and to my Grandma for not being able to serve her with good food. I learned the importance of leaving the past impressions of any goods, because we are living in the present moment. It is important to keep holding on to reality – because by then we will not be swayed in our (false) impressions.

Have a good day – for real

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