Day 156: Moses Day


Thursday is the time for Bible Class and the topic today waa about the book of Exodus. I knew Moses since I was very young – through the stories, movies and teachings. But today I fell in love with Moses even deeper! His story is no longer ‘just’ a story in the Old Testament – but it is the greatest story in OT. His name was written as much as 800+ times, compare to Abraham which was written as much as 200+ times.

I was about to cry when Fr Ignasius Budiono, O. Carm, closed his teaching by explaining the end story of Moses. God did not allow him to enter the Promised Land of Canaan and only let him see the land from Nebo. And that was the end of his story. He died as a great father of the Israelites even though he did not see the result of his hardwork for 40 years.

How many times in life when we have to risk everything and put a lot of effort to help others? What will happen to us if our help is not appreciated? Will we be bitter and blame God or those whom we help? Or will we act like Moses? By humbling himself in the eyes of God.

Have a good day!

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