Day 157: Blast From The Past

If we stand on where we are today and look behind, what will we see? A blast from the past, I guess. Past mistakes, guilty feelings, regrets and all the what-if.

Can we actually do that – looking back to our past life? Yes, we can to some extent. We are allowed to look back once and for all. And after that we have to let it go. I believe in God to keep my past in His hands and heal my past wounds.

The image of going back to the past for more than one is overwhelming. Bearing the same burdens all over again is surely part of going back to the past. I surely do not want to do so – because I have my present life to live and embracing my future. The bright future.

Let us pray for each other – so we can move forward from our past, forgive ourselves and embracing the present of Now from God.

*inspired by Fr Jack Philips in “I Choose To Be Free”


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