Day 163: Serenity

Somehow the thoughts of leaving my job as a Clinical Psychologist is registered in my head. But do not ask me when or why. It is just a feeling in my deepest heart.

Maybe I am influenced by those professionals who ledt their job for writing career – like John Grisham. Their background as professionals will certainly be the main theme for their writing. I am picturing myself in the same shoes too! Especially if I sit alone and facing the greenery like in photo. The photo was taken in the backyard of a private hospital – while I was waiting for a friend and her baby. Stunning and full with serenity. The surroundings were busy – sounds of wheelchairs being pushed on the alley, nurses chat, doctors rushed in. But the feeling of being quiet js so strong in that backyard.

Maybe I see my work as something loud, too busy and weird, sometimes. Therefore I need some place to be away. I am grateful that I can do my work – do not get me wrong. But being a writer is still bugging me (since I was little!). So, let me pave my way and hoping I will end up having my 10x10m square of private library facing green garden. And of course, one huge table and book shelves. They are on my prayers!



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