Day 166: Creativity

Lately, business of garbage recycling hit the market. People are no longer focusing on the high-end business per se. With the growing numbers of unprocessed garbage, our world is no longer a nice and comfortable place to really live in. Positive changes are needed.

Creativity is the key to it. Creative people can see big chance through a small hole. They will seek a way when there’s no obvious ways. I believe that optimism is their fuel. Without creativity, garbage will be garbage and nothing good will come from it.

I am in the process to train myself to be creative and positive. One way that I have been doing is writing this blog. I am training my thoughts to think positively or learn the positive side of my everyday life. Sometimes it is hard, but doable. I hope that we all can support each other to be optimistic and provide positive feedback for each other.

Have a good day!

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