Day 168: Make It Look Good

While I was enjoying my dinner in hospital cafeteria, a man and a woman came to sit next to my table. The man suddenly talked about infidelity. Interesting topic! He pictured men as naturally hard to be satisfied, so men would normally do some trials. He gave an example of someone who drinks soda A and then will keep on trying the other brands – until God knows when.

Despite the funny and not-so-suitable example, I think I should write this post. Especially after I had a discussion with my best friend earlier today. He told me to ‘make it look good’ despite the seasons that we are in. Sometimes – or most of the time – we have to face problems or difficulties, including in our relationship. We tend to give up after some trials (unlike the trials of finding the perfect soda brands). We tend to look out to the windows and wish to get rid of the problems. But unfortunately, life does not work that way.

Sometimes, we have to choose our reactions toward certain situations. You can walk under the rain with your raincoat or umbrella on. Or you can be less prepared and get soaked under the rain. Sometimes we have to make it look good and befriend with situations. For what purpose? For us to grow.

Have a good day!

PS: No matter how bad the sky in a day, sunset will always make it look good.

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