Day 171: Note of Surabaya

For the past 6 years, I have been living in Surabaya – the capital city of East Java, Indonesia. In total with my university days, I have spent 10 years of my life here. If you think I love this city, you’re dead wrong. I dislike this city and I even made a statement of my dislike a few years back. The question of why God keeps me back to this city, I have no idea.

The reason of why I write this post is because I think I need to retrain myself, my thought – above all. This morning I had a dream of going back to Australia for a few hours – just to run around the beach and parks! Then I flew back to Indonesia (what a dream!). And yes, I miss the open spaces and the walks when I came back here.

But this post is about the things that I am being grateful for in Surabaya. I started my career as a Clinical Psychologist here in Surabaya. I build my career here. Met my husband here. And a lot of good friends here. I have a lot of good reasons to be thankful, but my mind keeps dragging backward. I hope that I can do better each day.

Have a good day!

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