Day 176: Wishful Cookies

Today I spent my day to accompany two guests from Brisbane. The driver who drove us around was someone that I knew for 8 years now. He is a humble person, very down-to-earth and honest. After sending our guests to the airport, we talked alot about life, work and wishful thinking.

At one point, he said that his friend sent him packages of traditional cookies from the Netherlands – Verkade. I knew this cookies because my Grandma used to have them in her jar. So to add on his enthuasiasm, I said to him that I love it and the cookies taste very delicious. Then he said, “Ah, I believe you have been to Europe many times because you know the cookies very well”. Despite his honesty, I said Amen to him. I told him that I have not been to Europe, even though traveling to Europe is on my list. I am dreaming of having a two-month trip around Europe for free (do not ask me of who will sponsor me). I dream that I will get the chance of doing travel writing and the Agent will pay for all my expenses.

When we finally arrived at our final spot, he insisted that I take two cookies out of his jar. He even checked on me, afraid that I only took one! How thoughtful!

Thank you for showering the seed of dreams in me, Om Bobby. You are a blessing!

Have a good day!

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