Day 177: This is How I Spend My Day

June and July are the moment when I can take a deep breath in between my schedules. Clients are mostly away for holiday and both universities where I teach are on holiday too (academic year is started on July/August in Indonesia). This is the moment to train my conscience that doing nothing is not a conviction and I am not guilty for doing so.

Like today, I can enjoy the whole day to myself. Started my day by preparing breakfast for my husband and then I rushed for 7am Pilates class. I felt so good and energized afterward. Then I drive back Home, did some chores, enjoyed my lunch and had a nap. Now, as I write this post, I am tuning to a radio Station with tea, afternoon snacks and a good book to read. I think I am ready to make this as my ritual.

I used to feel guilty to spend my time and not produce anything. But now I can say it out loud that doing nothing is an art. I am still working, and will not quit anytime soon. I just add day-off as part of my calendar.

Have a good day!

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