Day 180: Visible But Not Present

Happy Sunday!

This morning I went to the English mass with my cousin and two guests from Hong Kong. The homily was given by Fr Rolando de La Rosa from the Philippines. He was the rector of St Thomas University – the oldest university in Asia.

His homily was addressing about the phenomenon that we have today. We are physically visible to our family and friend – but most of the time we are not present. We attend to our virtual chats, to those who are absent – as if they are more important than those who are present.

It was a simple homily, and yet, very real and deep. When we can’t respect those who are visible around us, then how can we respect them when they are away? Visibility is important because we build trust and respect from physical nearness. I guess, it is the time to start being visible and present at the same time.

Have a good Sunday!

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