Day 182: Redefining My Calling

How easy it is for us to forget our dreams and be swayed by other excuses – daily hassles, limited time or inability. I thought my plan to do PhD was a smooth one, but along the way, I started to forget it. I have another plan to do Creative Writing instead of Psychology. I even have plan to retire soon and write full time. Or, the worst of all, I plan to just work with what I have in plate at the moment. Never bother to add more to my plate.

But today, I am grateful for being reminded again about what I want in life. My ex supervisor sent me an email saying that she finally got her PhD last week, all of her hard work is paid! I am happy for her.

Her email worked well as a reminder for me to redefining my calling as a psychologist. I was so thrilled with attachment topic and somehow I’ve lost it. But this morning, her email and her spirit awoke me! I took out all my books and handout on attachment and here they are! I will take my time to re-read them and start doing my research proposal.

Thanks, Bu Agnes for the spirit. You are a living example of how to be humble – no matter how high you have achieved.

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