Day 185: I am Not Working

I bumped into my good friend yesterday and ended up talking for an hour. During that talk, he asked me on what I have been doing. My reply was, “I am working.” Then he responded, “I never saw you working.” I was perplexed at first and thought that he might not realized that I am working.

But then something crossed my mind and I told him, “Yes, I am not working. I am doing things that I like – that’s why I am not working.”

Sometimes we are so bound with what we call as work. We work full time, and mostly over time. We have to come to work no matter what our circumstances are. The main thing to underline is working. And yes, people need to do something to support themselves and their loved ones. But working doesn’t always mean sitting on your desk from 8-5 and do nothing beside your job description.

Back then, when I did my bachelor degree, one lecturer said that we should not work for the money per se. We shall do whatever we love and money will come to us. Since then, I always hold on to that piece of advice. God bless her!

Have a good day and I hope you enjoy what you’re doing.

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