Day 186: I am Different

“You’ve changed. You are not the same person as before. You are not like you were in Australia” said my good friend to me during a gathering earlier today.

“How? How can you see it?” I asked him.

“You were so consumed by your family. You shared your concern alot about your brothers and your family. I still remember it. But now, you can live your life. As if you let them live their life on their own. And that’s good.”

I was smiling.

Isn’t it beautiful to have a good friend who remember your past stories and still check on you every now and then? Yes, I am a new person now. I have to let my brothers go. They are adults and whatever their decision will be – that’s up to them. I only need to do my part with love – share my thoughts and consideration, give them the advice they ask for and just being their older sister. Beyond that, I have no further capacity. It is time for them to plan and walk independently. But there’s one most important thing, prayer. I hope I can do that part well.

Have a good day!


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