Day 188: Finally, I am Home

The trip back to Malang is my favorite. First of all, because Malang is my hometown and that’s where my family lives. Secondly, the traffic is much better than Surabaya and the weather is fresh.

But today I was wrong. The crowd in Malang was beyond words! I used the main road to enter the city centre, and there was no movements! The crowd was full, as if the whole town was there. So I took left and used the alternative road. For the first few minutes, I was saved – until I saw all the intersections were full of cars. Quickly I made a turn at the roundabout and used the small road next to the station. It was a safe bet and I could get through the traffic – even though the traffic volume was triple the usual volume.

I made my way to my Grandma’s house – because there was no chance I could drive home. I decided to buy two types of traditional hot drinks for my Grandma. She’s the type of old Grandma who would say No if we ask her of what she wants, but she would enjoy whatever we buy for her. So, I was enjoying my afternoon with my Grandma. Both my Aunts (who live with Grandma), my Uncle and cousin were all gone – what a good coincidence for us.

And, after a long waiting … I was finally home! I was welcomed by my niece with a glass of water in her hands and my nephew, who was waiting for the chocolate bars that I promised him. It was all worth the effort. I am home.

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