Day 189: Little Explorer

The magic of being a little child is the level of excitement over doing a small exploration (well, in our eyes). This morning my nephew came into my room and played with some robot figure there. I sat next to him and tried to play with those figures. After a while, I took out a box of stamps and showed it to him. He went ecstatic! He tried the stamps onto used paper and scattered everything around. He was excited and becoming so loud when he realized that he just stamped a plane onto his paper.

The nature of being human is to explore our surroundings. We need to know where is the closest restaurant with the cheapest price and the most tasty in recipe. As we get older, we have to deal with more complex issues – and we tend to look down at simpler matters. Therefore, we tend to forget how fun it is to be a child with all the excitement over their exploration.

Hope you can enjoy your day with all he excitement!

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