Day 192: Psychopreneur Enabler Forum

Yes, I was invited to be part of an interesting forum for psychology lecturers called Psychopreneur Enabler Forum. It was held by one Psych Faculty in Surabaya where I teach. The added point of this faculty is how they manage to marry Psychology with Entrepreneurship. And we are as the Enablers of the process, we need to remind the students to combine both concepts.

Last semester, on my first time of teaching here, I was confused. I didn’t get the integrated concept of Psych and Buz. But after one semester of doing it and the enlightenment that I got this morning, understanding seems to be in place.

To be surrounded by those experts and seniors, I was overwhelmed – both with excitement and feeling blessed. They shared their knowledge and open to suggestions. They make lecturing as fun activities, and not merely a work to do.

Have a good day!

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