Day 193: Romantic Me

If you’re familiar with CD/Cassette tape in you car audio, then I know that we spoke the same language. I love to tune in to a radio station called Channel 5 – 91.7 FM. They play the songs from the 80s to early 2000 for 24 hours. Listening to Firehouse, Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams or Phil Collins is my daily menu. Their songs were phenomenal and still is – for me.

The 90s spirit is also reinforced when my brother changed the audio into the older version with a cassette tape! Instead of being sad, I’m feeling happy for I can play my collections! In one cassette, I have Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Boyzone, Savage Garden and The Moffats! I feel so romantic and so young.

Embracing the old self is not bad, as long as we don’t hold onto it for too long. Our old self, the past and the already-happened were there to teach us lessons of life. And the old music taught me that I had my days of falling in love with my high school crush, went for the first date and all the chilly feelings. It was a good day … But I have the better days now.

Have a good weekend!

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