Day 194: My Crazy Fun Friend (and Me)

We are growing up and getting older. That is the fact of human developmental stages. When I was a little child, I saw a picture of my cousin and her 17th birthday cake. She looked mature and calm. I thought I would be one when I turned 17. Then I was counting …

I am 33 now. Way above 17. Do I get wiser? I would say yes. Do I get smarter? I believe so. But despite all those development inside of me, I need to set aside one part of me, being crazy fun in life. Many times I forgot how to make life as fun as it used to be. I blame work, I blame age, I blame the changes. But hello… Changes are the only certain thing in life. Being a crazy fun person is merely a choice. It doesn’t need some genome to make it, it is a choice. Well, of course generic plays its roles. But human being is a very dynamic being. The choice is in our hands.

You see the photo of me and my crazy fun friend. We are very serious in life – you bet. We are both clinical psychologists and we work hard to maintain sanity in our lives. Ha! Therefore, we have all the reasons in the world to be as crazy and as fun as possible.

Have a crazy fun weekend!

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