Day 195: R.O.A.R

Last week, my brother drove my car and he listened to his own CD of Boyce Avenue. I love that group for they have great acoustic cover of numerous famous songs. When I drove back to where I live now – Surabaya – I just found out that his CD was still in my player. I decided to listen to the whole album and somehow I was stuck to the cover version of R.O.A.R (originally by Katy Perry).

This song reminds me of how hardship can bring us down. How mean treatment can hurt us so deep that we can’t move forward. But on the other side, this song also works as a reminder that we still have another choice. We can choose to be loud, louder than a lion and let others to hear us roar. We can fight and be a champion. We can dance through the fire.

Just like a child. They fail, cry and sleep over it. But the next day, they will try again. Every new day brings a new opportunity for them. I want to own such endless spirit of roaring.

Have a good day!

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